posted on: July 1, 2010

I feel so lucky to be in England right now.  Especially on Tuesday, when Laura, Niki, Ali, Hillary, and I took off to Wimbledon after class.  We planned on roaming the grounds and sitting on the lawn, but we decided to attend a game in the Number 1 Court.  We lucked into some great, cheap seats and into some not so lucky sunburns.  It felt like such a once in a lifetime experience, even while it was happening.  

Who knew sunburned arms and a crowded gift shop could make me so happy?

7 thought{s}:

  1. how cool to be there.....

    my cousin is andy roddick !

    i know...kind of fun, huh ?

  2. so. jealous.

    so. happy for you.

  3. you. look. beautious. wimbledon!!! lucky!!!!

  4. That is so cool! And your new friends look awesome. The four of you are representing America in style.

  5. no way. that is so cool! and i am so jealous. wimbledon is amazing!

  6. So fun, if you get a chance you should visit Oxford its beautiful there, def worth a visit :)

  7. looks like fun!!! also, loving the shirt.


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