how i do

posted on: July 2, 2010

I love sharing the wonderful things I'm doing here,
but some/all of theses London updates may be a bit disjointed.  

That said, I feel like all I do here is eat and laugh.  
And Peter Pan in Hyde Park is just as magical as I imagined.

5 thought{s}:

  1. It looks like you're having so much fun. I've always wanted to go to Europe--live it up for me! Oh, and you look fabulous in that photo up top.

  2. You look and sound wonderful. Enjoy every single moment.

  3. britt! i haven't looked at your blog for awhile. your trip looks amazing! im glad your enjoying yourself in the london. love you! miss you!

  4. I love this and I'm so jealous you are there.....I want to see all your pictures when you get back!

  5. it hurts my heart to see this only in pictures.


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