wednesday, or the day i fell in love with british trees

posted on: July 9, 2010

I've always considered myself a city girl, and I just can't get enough of London.
But I think England is changing my mind.

Wednesday, we spent the entire day taking in spectacular views.
Our big coach took us on a very long drive to the mystical town of Glastenbury
to play with the ruins and climb the Tor.

We then made our way to my maybe someday estate Stourhead.
AKA where Matthew Macfadyen proposed to Keira Knightley in P&P 2005.

And we ended our day in Bath.
I'm obsessed with Bath.
But really.  Just look.

{photos 3, 4, 9-12 by laura}

9 thought{s}:

  1. What a cool trip! Absolutely love the pics!

  2. *diessssss*

    lovinggg it! I know I am not a nature person by any means, but there is something about England that makes me want to hang out in the country side and take some nice long walks! Loove that you got to see the place where Darcy declared his love!! That's my all time favorite movie!!

  3. umm...other than that one picture where my arm take up the entire thing this is very cute! good work flatie! (like roomie, but flatie)

  4. Love your pictures...
    So happy you are enjoying your time in the UK.

  5. I am obsessed with the fact that you went to the place Mr. Darcy proposed and obsessed with your hair up like that! So pretty! I'm in Florida...and wishing I was somewhere with a little more quiet. Like the country. Hope all is still going well!

  6. oh stop it with all these posts, stop it stop it stop it, i'm positively going to explode with jealousy!

  7. love this. i too have climbed that beacon. err pretty sure it was the same one. anyway, like i said i love this. england is just so incredible with its lush greeness and wonderful views.

  8. ah! that is the place of pride and prejudice! so neat brit! what an amazing experience!

  9. britt these pictures are like in a dream! they're unreal! so jealous and you look lovely! you belong you belong you belong.


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