day one

posted on: June 28, 2010

making fountain wishes with new flatmates laura, niki, and ali.
lunch and laduree macarons on a stranger's steps.
buckingham palace, harrod's, national gallery,
trafalger square, big ben.
dinner with 20 of my newest friends.

i'd call it a good one.

9 thought{s}:

  1. I would say so as well!! Love the photos! xo

  2. hoooray. i already feel happier knowing you are enjoying yourself across the pond. and you got a nice sunny day! how perfect.

  3. i'm so jealous, london looks wonderful!

    have an amazing time, lucky girl!


  4. Your pose in the first picture is so perfectly pin-up. Teach me!

  5. all in one day!!! WOWO! your mates look cute as do you! HARRODS!!!

  6. I LOVE Harrod's! I am so so jealous.

  7. looks like so much fun! I want to go too!!

    PS. Looove that last picture!

  8. love the photos!! London is so fabulous!


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