let's be honest, 4

posted on: May 10, 2010

it's cute to line up my cardigans and love their buttons and frills.
squeezing books upon finishing makes it all fine.
stop being cold, it's MAY.
three hours and 11 minutes does not constitute a sleepover.  redo.
semicolons should only be used correctly.
dishes will be my weakness.
lady gaga, you make me way nervous.


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  1. was talking about semicolon use in one of my classes the other day; most people use them incorrectly ;)

  2. oh goodness! punctuation always gets me! haha! and i couldn't agree more about lady gaga... don't love her, don't hate her, but she definitely gives me a weirrrd feeling inside.


    I miss you so much. I was complaining to Emma Richey and K chi about it.

  4. lets BH- brittany is a good writter

  5. i agree with all of these. except, i probably don't use semicolons in the right way all of the time because i'm obsessed with them;;;;;;;;;

  6. yesss today is wayyy rainy and windy! I don't understand the weather anymore...

  7. i DEF squeeze books when i'm finished but only if they were good

  8. this is too cool. i love it.
    and yes i never use semi colons correctly.. or at all really! haha. and i line up my cardigans too!!

  9. ah ha ha. brilliant.

    confession: i have no IDEA how to use a semicolon correctly!

    and oh, that picture, lovely!

  10. seriously. the cold needs to stop. i'm going crazy here.

  11. I agree about the use of semicolons; I find they're often used incorrectly; or too frequently in a sentence; which tends to make it run on forever; in some lame attempt by the author; to appear intelligent; or witty; especially when leaving comments for someone he doesn't know; fortunately I don't have this problem.




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