posted on: April 8, 2010

The skies in their magnificence
The lively, lovely air;
O how divine, how soft, how sweet, how fair!
The stars did entertain my sense,
And all the works of God so bright and pure,
So rich and great did seem,
As if they ever must endure,
In my esteem.

A native health and innocence
Within my bones did grow,
And while my God did all his glories show,
I felt a vigor in my sense
That was all Spirit. I within did flow
With seas of life like wine;
I nothing in the world did know
But 'twas divine.

Proprieties themselves were mine,
And hedges ornaments;
Walls, boxes, coffers, and their rich contents
Did not divide my joys, but shine.
Clothes, ribbons, jewels, laces, I esteemed
My joys by others worn;
For me they all to wear them seemed
When I was born.

from Wonder, by Thomas Traherne

6 thought{s}:

  1. I have never read this little beauty before. But I saved it so I can read it again and again.

  2. this is beautiful!
    i've never read it before so thanks so much for this post! i'm bookmarking it!

  3. perfect poem. perfect picture. and love beyond words your post just before this one. love that you are you and that you're confident in that--why not? you should be--such a gorgeous girl you are.

  4. such a nice poem + photo!


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