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posted on: April 5, 2010

I have papers to write and copies to make. But I feel like reading Vogue on my little lawn could be a good choice. And then I'd slice avocados and tomatoes and salt them...well, a lot.

You know, there are people that have made me love myself. There have been people who have made me witty and people who have made me smart. There have been people who made me eloquent and people who have made me soft. There have been my opposites, who surprised me when I loved them. There have been my kindred spirits and we screamed together.

And when I was with them, I felt so good about who I was. I could mush into them and I felt like me, finally.

But then I didn't have any of them, at all.

And now,
I feel like myself.
I feel like Me.
I'm still smart, and soft, and surprised.

I can sit alone on my lawn and be fine.
Because I keeps Me company. We mush into each other and
I keep myself alive and living.

It feels better, even better than before.

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13 thought{s}:

  1. “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
    Dr. Seuss, a brilliant man.
    ps. is there a better taste than avocados, and a little too much salt. Pure yum! Enjoy vogue-ing and lawn-ing it up. Save the papers for tonight, well I know I am. First, read and eat and then homework, thats my motto. :)

  2. Wonderful sentiments, except that it isn't a beautiful warm patch of grass type of day outside. Maybe if everyone writes it that way it will be. There is still time.

  3. wow i love this. you are quite eloquent. i love salted tomatoes and avocados. you have good taste, lady!! and i also think it's super important to be ok with being alone. because even when you are married, you are alone sometimes and it's good to have that ME time. i think it's essential at any time in one's life.
    thanks for this and reminding me of ME time :)

  4. So lovely. Everyone needs to learn how to be with themselves :)

  5. Wait are you saying you want more alone time? Not okay with that.

    Really beautiful Britt. I feel the same. muchness.

  6. Brittany, I needed to read this tonight. Thank you.

  7. This is beautiful. It really touched me. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have felt like this too. I think it is the most important thing I have learned in college.

  9. wow britt. you are brilliant!! this is wonderful and so true! love my pretty friends!

  10. lovely, lovely, lovely.

    i like your brain.

  11. Sitting on the lawn outside by myself with some avocados and tomatoes sounds basically

  12. i think this is one of the greatest lessons people learn at our age. i think its crucial to love yourself before anyone else can really love you, too - and it starts by being okay with being who you are when you're alone with yourself. i love it. thanks for reminding me of this.


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