spring break

posted on: April 30, 2010

Several weeks ago, I skipped school for a few days and joined my family in Florida.
Even though I wasn't there long, I had so much fun playing in the sun.
And now that it's snowing here, I really wish we had never left!

Walt Disney World has always been a favorite,
but this time was special because we saw lions on the safari,
ate churros for breakfast
and rode Splash Mountain very first.

We also spent lots of time floating in our lazy river.
Divine, I tell you.
And just the break I needed.

7 thought{s}:

  1. oh how very lovely. i love churros for breakfast and anything to do with disney world or land. glad you went and had a little fun (even though byu doesn't offer spring break, boo)...

  2. i've never been - but is it better than disneyland? that's what i've heard - but i have a hard time believing that.

    awesome pictures brittany! it looks like your family had so much fun! (and ps. can you believe the snow?)

  3. Yay! Looks fun! I went when I was elementary school to Disneyworld. But I thought that Disneyland was better, haha. Which one do you like more??

  4. Your beautiful hair!
    My new job is in the IT office in the basement of the JKB...teaching software programs. I LOVE IT...and I get to dress up every day, which is honestly the funnest.

  5. that tree is incredible. AND i love giraffes... aren't they so bizarre? i could watch them for hours.

  6. Love the giraffe picture...and Disney does bunting too? Awesome!

  7. saweet!!!! LOVE the giraffe!


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