posted on: March 4, 2010

And so life became
a Saharan cavity,
cardium undone.

And life became.

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11 thought{s}:

  1. B.E.A.U.tiful!
    P.s. I would liketo pimp my blog. can I make an appointment with you (the queen of beautiful blogs)to do such a thing?

  2. already been said, but it's worth saying again: beautiful.

  3. that picture is unbelievable. gorgeous!

  4. This is indeed a lovely blog.

  5. Wow that is stunning. I want to take a trip. I think I am spontaneously going to drive to Cali and hit the beach next week. Or fly to NYC. I just need the city. LA or NYC?

  6. It reminds me a little of the Midwest, a little of Europe. I love it!


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