spring forward

posted on: March 29, 2010


gretchen and i shopped for beautiful dresses,
and i fell even more in love with this season.
i feel so at ease.

how was your weekend?

8 thought{s}:

  1. i still dream of one day owning a shabby apple dress :)

  2. me too! maybe for my birthday? who knows... anyway, i'd love to see a photo of the one you bought! it would have been so fun to go! xo.

  3. I love spring! I was thinking that as I was walking around campus today and everything smelled like orange blossoms and fresh cut grass (: LOVE it!

  4. My weekend was great. I sat behind this white car waiting for it to go at the green light and it didn't. So I changed lanes and pulled up next to the car because I wanted to make sure the person inside was still alive. And to my surprise the person was YOU!!! Good times.

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  6. you look so beautiful in that picture! and so does your friend gretchen! I love her hair!!

    as for my weekend?
    lovely. i could feel spring in the air. thanks to utah though, it only lasted 24 hours because what is this i hear? snow in the forecast tomorrow :(

  7. fun! shopping + spring = the best.

  8. and you look so cute in your dress.
    I'm glad you got the yellow one. It was so good to see you!


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