it's true...

posted on: March 24, 2010

i read my own blog.

it's comfortable here,
and i understand all the words.

and sometimes i even think i'm something special.

on a less narcissistic note, i love 17 cent lime popsicles.
and my pretty friends with their funny stories.

10 thought{s}:

  1. That's ok, because I like to read your blog, too. I read and re-read my posts, too, but mostly because I don't want to come off stupid or misspell things.. .ha!

  2. sometimes i read my own blog too.
    i find that when i go back, memories rush back into my mind, and i love that feeling.

    p.s.- i love that picture!

  3. um... i love 17 cent monkey bars!

  4. I read your blog and mine too. I read mine because I'm full of myself. What's the big deal? I think I'm the bees knees and you're the cats whiskers.

  5. i read my blog all the time. twins.

    i buy monkey bars at maceys with a quarter. twins.

    i never look good in pictures. not twins. you look beautiful brittany!

  6. at least you admit it. i won't EVER admit to it ;)

  7. haha...I think everyone does. We don't want to look like asses by mispelling words or having some huge typo. However I give you big pat on the back for admiting it, I don't think I will ever really say it ;)

  8. Haha I like that. I read mine too. It is my favorite blog, as narcissistic as that sounds. I love the honesty.

  9. we started writing our blogs as trip logs for our own memories. Then it became an online diary. Now I'm not sure what it is, but I like to re-read it too!

  10. i read your blog too. :)

    sometimes i go back and read mine.. and every time i think..did i really say that?

    i think you're purdy.


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