in the sun

posted on: March 21, 2010

i love this music vid.
mainly because it's HSM + cheekiness.
and zooey is neat-o.

9 thought{s}:

  1. Haha anything HSM/Efron related is loved by me. Love the video!

    My dad works for the church as a lawyer over the pacific they live in New Zealand for the next 3 more years (about). Off to Germany/Africa I believe after that, but even though I miss them, I get a few great vacations in :)

  2. AHH! she is too cute!!
    what a fun music video!
    i love she&him!!

  3. yesss ive seen this and i love it and sooort of want to be zooey d.

  4. I loooooooooooove this song.

  5. oh, hey! thanks for posting the video, i'd heard about it but had forgotten to find it myself. love them! xo.

  6. I love the tap dancing. Awesome. I love the blog. Your picture with the sun is so artistic.


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