posted on: March 2, 2010

Disney's Earth is spectacular.
I have a renewed reverence
and love for our little world.
It is so beautiful.

I learned that silence is underrated,
Mufasa's voice is top-notch,
and that I must see the Northern Lights one day.

I am so lucky.
I see my mountains every morning as I walk to school.
The birds are chirping again.
And the sun. I'm happy he's back.

{coming soon}

16 thought{s}:

  1. oooooo I forgot about this. I need to watch it.

  2. I so wanna see that movie.

  3. i miss the mountains so much. everyday.
    p.s. i really hope you enjoy london when the time comes. it's wonderful!

  4. I need to see the Northern lights. I need to!

  5. I still need to see this! Thank you for reminding me. And the sun? I need it in my life too. As for my plans? I am preparing for grad school. Deep down I think I really want to be a professor.

  6. i'll have to check it out! I really really really want to see northern lights at some point in my life too!

    Nature is so wonderous-- it blows my mind.

  7. this is our favorite movie! i can't wait for "Oceans."

  8. I want to watch this movie so bad. Thank you for reminding me about a great movie!

  9. ummmmm

    I definitely did not need to learn that Mufasa's voice was top-notch. I knew that already.

    I win.

  10. I want to go see the northern lights..

    let's go walk there. tomorrow. k, settled.

  11. i love spring so much! and nature documentaries. they are a great way to pass time. hours and hours :)

  12. Is this a lot like Discovery's Planet Earth...because I loved that.

  13. I just came across your blog and I love it. You are so full of life! Keep it up, you are an inspiration to us all!

  14. brit. i think this long lost twin thing that we keep re-discovering is telling us we need to meet again at cafe rio and talk.

    the northern lights would be incredible! and i'm happy the sun is back. every morning when i heard the birds and see the sun rise over the mountains just a little bit earlier than the day before, i get so excited.

  15. I loved Disney Earth. The Earth is such a beautiful place and sadly, there are so many who take it for granted.

    PS. I so want to see the Northern Lights, but I want to you to Nunavut and see them there, although Alaska would be great too. I hate the cold, but I am so drawn to the Artic.

  16. I loved this so much! so inspirational!


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