posted on: March 26, 2010

i found taffy in my pockets on the chilly walk home,
a perfect start to this busy weekend.

i'll be shopping in the sun,
writing a paper i'm excited about,
repeating festival of colors joy,
attending a birthday soiree,
and loving springtime in provo.

i hope your weekend is special, friends.

8 thought{s}:

  1. HARA HARA HARA KRISHNA! this weekend already?!

  2. I loove when I'm excited to write papers! Those are the best because they are so satisfying and fun to write!

    Sounds like a beautiful weekend!

  3. i think my weekend will be just perfect....thank you

  4. those are like my two favorite flavors.. I'd be in a super good mood too after that (;

  5. ooh i love this britt! im so excited for spring!

  6. oh fun! finding stuff in pockets is the best.

    mmm, taffy.

    good luck with the paper!

  7. i hope you had a good weekend. taffy is the best!! and well springtime in provo is killer. i'm really happy for you.

  8. ohh girlfriend. how was the color festival? i skipped out on it this year due to the 3 week period last year of having pink hair, but i bet it was fun, and that picture is lovely!


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