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posted on: February 28, 2010

i realized that i am an adult. a woman, rather. i'm also a person who needs to and wants to know what to do with her life. i want to know what i'm supposed to give.

i've been thinking about this for a long, long time and i'm coming to some conclusions.

if i'd had a science brain, i would be a doctor and really heal people.
i dream about culinary school and eateries and bakeries of my own.
i've thought of editing other people's words.
i've thought of making my own words.

but the thing i keep coming back to,
the thing that i think i can give,
the big chunk of myself that i am about to tell you,

i want to help women know how wonderful they are.

i want ladies to feel lovely, appreciated, and worthy. many of them don't. many of us don't. we deserve so much, though. i feel so strongly that we, women, we have important thoughts to share. we alone have really neat and necessary things to do.

call me a feminist. because, i am. I AM. i think women are spectacular.

we are.
keep saying it.
we are.

{photo: me, summer 09}

15 thought{s}:

  1. Great words, Brittany.
    You know I was thinking about what I want to do with my life a lot latly, too. And your words are just perfectly describing a lot of my thinking, too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. hey lady! oh my goodness - i'll be sending you an email soon - been planing something on this subject and wanted to invite you to join the "movement." happy monday!

  3. Truely said.. Perfectly put...

  4. hoooray!!! so glad you're with me on this. we can band together and help women all over :)

  5. I like this a lot, and think you would be wonderful at helping women. Are you thinking this because you're graduating soon? What are your plans for post-graduation? (Not to stress you out or anything :)

  6. I like this. I like you. Thanks for lifting me up today. I really like your idea.

  7. I used to consider myself a feminist. I think I might today again after reading this.

    I watched a "birth" video with my friends this weekend which was traumatizing but at the same time, made me realize the nobility and amazing roles women take on throughout life, no matter what that may be.

    You would be great at helping women, Brittany! This is exciting.

  8. wonderful.

    i am a feminist. i have been since my early teenage years. i shake off the stereotypical depictions of feminism and i make my own rules.

    i think (i HOPE!) that being a woman by default makes you a feminist.

    it sure should.

  9. That sounds like it would be so fufilling/wonderful as a carrer, I would love to do something lke that later on in life!
    Do you read operationbeautiful.com? If not, you should check it out! It raises the corners of my mouth whenever I see messages like that in my city.

  10. Brittany, I can't really think of anyone who would be better at that job. And I can't really think of a better way for you to utilize your talents.

    I think we need more women who know how great they are, to help the rest of us understand our greatness.

  11. ok first, LOVE that picture of you.
    second, that is an awesome idea. perfect for you.

  12. i really loved this post.
    all day today i was whispering that saying to myself: "we are. we are. we are." over and over again.

  13. http://juicebag.blogspot.com/2009/09/idea.html

    See: My Post.

    I dont know you. But we both know Julie. And you write well and feel the same way i do about women-folk.

    Want to help me?

  14. oh my goodness. you are awesome.


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