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posted on: February 18, 2010

"Earth is crammed with heaven"

Elizabeth Bennett Browning

I found this little quote in a little book in a little shop in Park City.
It meant so much to me. It meant big things.
It meant brightness and fancy and security.
Crammed with heaven.
Life is.

Friends, what are your bits of heaven?

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  1. what a great use of words. crammed. that word isn't used enough (when expressing how heaven is crammed into earth that is :))

  2. There are a lot of little bits of heaven on earth that I just experienced lately:
    - a day with my best friends
    - have a loving and caring family who is always there for you
    - a big smile on a little guys face when he sees you at the door
    - hear a "i love you"
    - wake up in the morning having the sun tickeling your nose
    - a walk in the wintery wonderland
    - have a friend call you just the time you need someone to talk
    - listen to songs that remind you of a great time
    - find a new you-can-not-stop-reading book
    - read a quote that just perfectly suits your life *wink* (happens to me a lot, too.)
    - ...
    Oh I could go on and on and on...

    Lovely quote by the way. I already scribbled it in my book of quotes.

  3. Oh my gosh, that is such a wonderful quote. I just took a Faith & Beauty class for my major and we talked about art as spiritual creativity and it reminded me of that quote. Love it! xo

  4. I like that a lot.
    And I think my crammed with heaven is a lazy Sunday afternoon with cookies and poetry.

    I hope heaven has both of those.

  5. smiling at strangers is little bit of heaven when they smile back

  6. Lovely words. My heaven on earth is: kisses, a walk in the woods, warm sun, a great book with a cup of tea and a pack of biscuits.

  7. Sunny days and lovely children and all things warm :)
    Love your choice of quote!

  8. i can't believe i've never read that quote before.


  9. For me little bits of heaven are....
    -first blooms of spring
    -the unconditional love of my fur-baby
    -laughing with your family
    -getting lost in nature
    -the love of my husband

  10. SHE is a genius. A real genius. And I couldn't agree more with this pretty little quote.

  11. Really nice quote there ..


  12. um hello! Your blog is simply adorable and I think you are soo cute (:

  13. thank you!!

    I am not usually the emotional person, especially when it comes to them! But hey, I love them all the same!

  14. what an awesome quote. love your blog!

  15. Thanks for the add brittany! :)


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