let's be honest, again.

posted on: February 15, 2010

Orange juice from concentrate tastes the most fresh, ironically.
Thanks winter, for not being as mean this time.
Apples and peanut butter is what life is made of.
I can play a new song on my guitar.
Good parents cannot just be luck.
I believe in a thing called retail therapy.
Disney, stop locking movies up in your vault.
Letter letter letter.
Singing is exercise enough.


first honesty list here

10 thought{s}:

  1. What a cute post! I love that ballerina photo, and it's true. Orange juice is amazing. :D

  2. I like this. And agree, good parents can't be just good luck. I hope your day off was wonderful.

  3. Laughing about Disney. This is why I only own two of them...they're always disappearing.

  4. Beautiful words and a beautiful photo. Love this.

  5. You are too cute, love the random thoughts :-)

  6. amen: disney, stop locking movies up in your vault.

  7. love this. were you humming "a dream is a wish your heart makes"? because that's what I imagined.

  8. i <3 apples & peanut butter. next snack for craft night

  9. You are the cutest ever. Where do you come up with these cute ideas?

  10. My word, I love this list so much. Your honesty is beautiful.


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