in the mail

posted on: February 23, 2010

my lovely amy sent this with dove chocolate and m&ms.
i used it as a bookmark for 17th century love poetry today.

that is a valentine.

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  1. Whoa, seriously.

    I love valentines :D

  2. Very sweet!! I work with DOVE Chocolate and I know that the gift of chocolate is the perfect way to say I Love You. Have you tried the Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Promises? They are delicious and silky smooth. You can find Dove Promises at any mass food or drugstore.

    For the latest & greatest from the brand please visit or follow us on Twitter @ dove_chocolate

    The Dove Chocolate Team

  3. have i ever told you i get so excited when you write a new post?

    that is the best valentines ever.

  4. ooh i just found your blog, and it is all kinds of lovely. i will definitely be stopping by here again!

  5. That's cute I love that. Who is that sent it to you? An old roommate?

    And yes - The Feminist Mystique has made me think about so many things differently. I feel like a new woman haha really. I think I even talked my mom into going to grad school. I'd love to talk about it more!

  6. Awww!! Thats so sweet!! Perfect gift.. really!

  7. that really is the best. i love little things in the mail from people i love.

  8. aw! britt. this makes me so happy! i love that you love it :) happy valentines day


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