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posted on: February 8, 2010

A friend of mine really loves nighttime drives. Good thing, because I'm a terrible night driver.

But, a little while ago, we drove on the foothills of Provo in mostly silence.
Silence only interrupted by:

"I love that house."
"I want a porch for my kids."
"Look at the color of that one."
"I will buy that house. I have to."

And because it was night, we could see the homes and their families, all lit up inside. We saw the dirty kitchens and the televisions flashing. I noticed some black-and-white photos on the wall. They were in thick, black frames on a tawny wall.

I always think of my future. My husband. My family. Etc. But now, I'm thinking of my house. My home. The place where we will dirty our counters together. And the place I will hang up my own black-and-whites of my own people. And I'll pick out chairs and rugs. Hopefully the boys won't care when I choose girly picture frames. Also, the plates will be white because I like those best. And we'll be lit up from inside.

I've never wanted anything more.
I've said that a lot, because sometimes I like to be dramatic.
I've said it about a purse. I've said it about a tea set. I've said it about London.

But really, this is what I want.
Just some people.
And a place.

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  1. Oh, other girls drive the foothills and point at houses too? Phew. I've been doing that since I was sixteen. Haha. I know exactly where all my favorite houses are. I'm glad you do it too!

  2. I remember one night when I was about 16 years old, a friend and I drove through the Riverwoods and we picked out our future homes wanting nothing more.

    I don't think that things have changed much the past 4 years. I have a file on my computer dedicate totally for future home ideas! Haha. I'm with you on this one sister. I can already tell your house will be LOVELY one day, just like you.

  3. You said it about that purse a lot. a lot a lot.

    So...I really don't know if I believe you.

    this reminded me of my favorite movie as well, 27 dresses. "To you it is just a dish. But to Tess it is the dish she will make my Mother's famous {something} in."

  4. Family is absolutely the most important... Why have a house if you have nobody to fill it with?

  5. Hi Brittany! I wanted to let you know you won my Shabby Apple dress giveaway!

    email me as soon as you can!

  6. i'm always planning. but i love seeing how other people have put their houses together. it's fascinating.
    p.s. i'm still working on a london list for you, i promise.

  7. So amazingly true- if it were a choice between a purse or London and people and a place. The latter would always win out. Luckily it's not an all or nothing choice though.

    P.S. I know exactly where all my favorites are too.

  8. i have to admit that i do this all the time. and i don't think mart even notices anything anymore because i point out way too many things! so cute.

  9. cute. me too. i dream about my home all the time. :)

  10. This is a great post! So poignant. I do the same thing w/ the bf. I am enjoying your blog, totally have to follow now! :)

  11. Beautiful expression of sincere thought. I love this.

    And yes; I can't wait for that either {the shutters. the husband can wait :) }

  12. I really love this.
    I can't wait for this same thing too.

    And congrats on winning the dress! I was so pleasantly surprised to see that it was one of my friends!

  13. I say it about London and Paris all the time!!

  14. beautifully written. enduring time sucks sometimes, but it usually comes together in the end.

  15. i remember when i first started daydreaming about owning a house. now my husband and i play "which house do you like" when we drive or walk along a new street, and try to pinpoint our ideal house (modern, dark, big but not too tall...) it's a fun game, and i can't wait to settle into a house that's actually ours and build it into a home!

  16. "the place I will hang up my own black-and-whites of my own people"- well written!


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