park city.

posted on: January 18, 2010

I always fall for a pretty mountainside town.
{like this one, last summer}
And I've always loved beautiful Park City.
It's so close to home and I'm always reminded of
long snowboarding days in high school,
yummy salads and chocolates,
and the Alpine slide with cousins in July.

Jess, Stace, and I ventured to PC on Saturday for the shopping.
And I'll be headed back up the canyon for Sundance next weekend.

Huzzah for mountains and snow and buddies.
How was your three-day weekend?

6 thought{s}:

  1. My weekend was lovely. But Park City sounds so amazing right now! Feeling a little jealous. :)

    Concerning the big pictures: I expanded the outer & main wrappers on my blog. Just by adding the pixels. I had already kinda played around with it when i did the three columns, and so I just added more width to them. Then when I put my pictures on each post I just select XLarge and they appear BIG! It's a tiny blog tweek, but I'm so excited about it! Ha ha.

  2. Ohhh baby I will see you next weekend in Park City for Sundance. How exciting!!! This post made me so excited for it!!

    ps. keep an eye out for zac efron for me :)

    pps. what are your thoughts on the new cupcake place? they're HUGE and SO great but they are JUST so rich!! haha, i could hardly finish it!

  3. This looks so fun, much better than my weekend. But it was still fun.

    Your friends are cute!

  4. i feel the same way about nautical! i feel like it's been "in" like 4 years ago but every spring i am back on that wagon.

  5. oh its looks like a lovely weekend. i'm loving mine so far! i hope the rest of it is fantastic.


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