the red chapel

posted on: January 24, 2010

some friends and I braved the crowds and snowy weather

Despite some tow truck trouble and bad hats,
the festival completely enchanted me.
I love that thousands of people pour into
this little town just to be a part of art.

My friends and I attended the U.S. premiere of
I was so moved by this documentary.
I'm so thankful for the country I live in,
and the freedom I have to choose.
The freedom to be Brittany.
Because some people don't get that.

I was reminded again of the power of individuals.
And of the power of art.
We can do so much with our minds, our words, our voices, and our hands.

We just have to do it.

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  1. Yesterday we talked a lot about "accomplishing goals" in church - and basically, you restated everything i learned except 10x more beautifully. We just have to do it.

    And ps. Sad day. I didn't make it up to Park City last weekend, but hopefully make it up this Friday or Saturday...

    PPS. We will one day meet. And we will have a tea party. And we will become real life friends.


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