a little voice

posted on: January 31, 2010

you know those days when you need to leave life for a minute?
and you sit on your bed and check your email?
and you watch old episodes of The Hills?
and you pout to The Weepies?
and you are just positive spring will never come?
and you maybe even feel a little sorry for yourself?

i had one of those days.

but a little voice inside me whispered, "hello, it will all be fine."
"because life is just like this," she said. "life feels just like this."
i learned a couple of things from this moment.
1. my little voice is a girl. a real girl. but, of course she is.
2. i have a life. but really. i'm living so much.
3. sometimes this voice, my voice, is startlingly brilliant and wise.

little voice then screamed "look at all you have and are and do, brittany!"

she's totally right.

5 thought{s}:

  1. I feel like this a lot.
    It is nice to know someone else does too.

  2. that little voice is not so little after all!

  3. i totally have those days. and i totally mope to the weepies.

  4. i know all too well how this can feel. especially last month. the month of january really does seem to trigger "some of those days."

    but i'm glad you have a little voice that snaps you out of it. i think if i listen closely i might have one too!

    how lucky we really are to be alive.

  5. Winter feels like that a lot of days. But spring's coming--my little voice is telling me that every day.... since December. Whoops.


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