posted on: January 11, 2010

{mel, me, amy, and gretch--2010}

You've seen these ladies around here before.
And you'll keep seeing them around,
because I'm not getting rid of them.
I like them that much.

So just FYI....

Amy is hysterical and never fails to make me incredibly happy. Simply, we are friends because we liked the same boy in 9th grade. And while we still love this boy, we love each other more. I love that we ran to get Icees as the Lagoon Day bus left the parking lot. I love those red-tongue pictures so much. I love that her bobby pins attached her head to the floor during P.E. meditation, and we were excused for laughing so hard. High school was all about paper clip wars and lip-syncing "Singing in the Rain" and "The Bear Necessities." She wrote the best notes, illustrated of course, and I always knew exactly what she was trying to say in French. She is terrible at telling stories, only sometimes because we are terrible at interrupting. She instigated the funniest game of would you rather I have ever played (human teeth or pregnant spiders?) and has the best sleepover bangs. I love this girl (and her little silver VW beetle).

Gretchen is just pure grace. She continues to be the most desirable of us all, aka she was the first to marry. Amy and I met Gretch because she was in our first French class in high school. She walked into class everyday, late and oozing cool, talking on her hot pink Razr cell. Gretch somehow thought we were a little bit awesome too, because we became French friends. We annoyed the entire class by speaking in English and flirting with a sophomore Brody Jenner, but Madame loved us best. We fell even more in love at the happiest place on earth and discovered that we all loved princesses and rock rocks. I love that Gretch will shop with me, even at places where we can't buy anything. She totally rocks her leather jacket and pink ruffles. Gretch loves Harry Potter with me. I love that she burns me 11 CDs and teaches me how to tie tribal scarves. I love that I was there in the hot tub that night when she met her husband. I'm so happy that she's so in love.

Melissa is so passionate. Mel and Amy go way back, they were practically sisters when I occasionally joined them for lunch at school. We eventually moved our pow-wows to the nook, but I'm so glad Amy was bffs with Melissa. I got to cheer for her at her graduation and let her know what was up at BYU. Melissa is a year younger than the rest of us (sorry for mentioning it), but you'd never guess it because she's crazy smart and driven. This girl is going to change the world of pharmaceuticals. She loves (obsessed?) Mika, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, and good music in general. But Hannah Montana doesn't count, apparently. I love that she'll talk literature with me and listen to my dreams. I love that I sometimes run into her on campus. I love her irrational fears and inappropriate comments. I love that she plays the guitar and her license plate says RPEGGIO.

And I just fit somewhere between all of that goodness.
I can't even tell you how happy I am that we have stayed close.
Because life is busy and sometimes it doesn't want you to be friends.
But we have, I think.
I just adore them.
Can you tell?

6 thought{s}:

  1. having good friends is the best part of life. i love it.

  2. alllllright. i can safely say you guys totally rival my 7upgirl gang because 1. we don't speak french and 2. we aren't nearly as cute.

    jalene is right (even though i will never understand the hp craze) - friends make up the best part of life. and it truly is a blessing to have them around even when life takes us all different places!

  3. i love good friends.
    yours seem amazing!

  4. Brittany is the package deal. Beautiful and intelligent. Everytime I see her she just exudes classiness, from her beautiful blonde hair all the way down to her toes, which are covered by some awesome tights. Shes's been someone I looked up to, even before we were friends, jumior year in French class. I love her wide vocabulary and reviewing books with her. She is so thoughtful and passionate about life.

  5. omg i can't believe i JUST noticed this! i absolutely love you britt. you are the sunshine of my life!! lets play soon please!

  6. i just re-read this. i love my pretty friends forever


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