posted on: January 6, 2010

I have recently wanted to play the guitar.
I know, this is kind of shocking to me too.
But the deal was sealed when my Uncle Chad played Silent Night on Christmas Eve and the entire family sang along, on and off-tune. I thought that was really neat. I still do. Wouldn't it be great to strum for myself? I wouldn't even have to wear daisies in my hair or have a Volkswagen or sing very loudly. Maybe I'll even strum for other people someday.

I mostly love that in four months, I'll be able to play something.

So, I signed up for a guitar class, just yesterday in fact. Because I have been thinking about my education and how I'd like to be educated in more areas, even though I chose words as my favorite.
Learn more passions, essentially.
BYU won't let me take a photography class, so I'm going to play the guitar. My teacher said he would teach us to play around the campfire, which sounds quite lovely.

I may need to start camping. Or maybe just have boy scout friends who can build me a campfire.

I may need to practice too.

{photo by him}
{shout out to melissa for trusting me with her beauty}

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  1. Why won't they let you take a photo class? I took a bunch at USU though I wasn't a photo major, and I loved it. Read: life-changing. A guitar class is good, too. I also took one! Ha ha. And you know what's funny? I graduated in English. Having lots of interests is fun. Good luck with your class--I had so much fun in mine.

  2. Ha! B, you have made a fantastic decision. Brownie points to you for listening to your passions! It just so happens that I too am taking a guitar class this semester, and your decision has validated my own. When you're ready, let's play some songs together, yeah?

  3. Yay yay yay! We shall strum together. And go camping.


  4. sounds fun! I loved being able to play an instrument, but I was terrible at practicing and so I wasn't very good. I wanted to take up the piano but I think I would need a class to learn. Cool that you could take it at BYU!

    PS. Learning to play around a campfire sounds amazing!

  5. What a great idea Brittany! Good luck with your class!

  6. K. Case in point #90384092342. We are twins again. I asked for a guitar for Christmas because I ALSO want to start learning this instrument. We are long lost twins - and I've declared that a thousand and one times!

    Tell me how the class goes. If it works out well I may just have to sign up spring term!

  7. i'm learning the uk because my hands are too small for the guitar :(

    p.s. i do think you a 7upkels are twins. i get your blogs mixed up sometimes :) and i love reading both.


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