coconut cupcakes are wonderful on a sunday afternoon.

posted on: January 25, 2010

i kept hearing that this recipe is divine.
so i tested it out.
it is.
it is.

{lots of butter though}

me and my cute family loooved them.

I didn't do anything technically productive this weekend.
I talked about Europe and ate chocolates.
I watched movies and baked.
And watched HGTV with Mom.
And read children's books from the library.
And I went to church to learn, which I did.

It felt really wonderful.

4 thought{s}:

  1. wow. those look so amazing. i'm really trying to cut back on my sugar intake, but of course i keep seeing these photos of cupcakes and i'm drooling.

  2. Those look... amazing. I can't wait to try!

    And I love your weekend. Simple and perfect.

    I miss my mom.


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