posted on: December 1, 2009

Perhaps because I used to be one myself,
I just think the world of ballerinas.

Cade Martin's latest project is absolutely stunning, people.

My favorite part is the light.
And I'm jealous of their feet.


6 thought{s}:

  1. I saw this collection, and love it.
    I am taking intermediate ballet at BYU in the winter! Take it with me!

  2. the project looks amazing.
    i wish i could dance.
    oh i wish.

  3. i was looking at this collection yesterday - it's just amazing. so whimsical + lovely... i'm a sucker for good lighting.

    i'm taking an adult ballet class. most of us have no idea what we're doing, but my teacher is VERY patient + we have so much fun!!

  4. i was a ballerina too until i found out i didn't have grace :P

  5. I used to be a ballerina too, so I have a soft spot when I see pictures like that as well.

  6. The suitcases are such a nice touch. It adds to the "memory" feel of the lighting.


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