did you know the weekend starts on thursday?

posted on: December 6, 2009

I browsed the Bazaar, had fun with roommate, read some Woolf and Didion, went to the movies, attended cousin's bday dinner, felt inspired, and Christmas-ed.

And I ate my {honey-nut} Cheerios on Saturday morning,
when the sun begged to come inside.
I thought, people would pay for this.
They'd pay for those slats of sunshine.
They'd pay for my ice cold milk.

Life is kind of wonderful, you know.

8 thought{s}:

  1. honey-nut cheerios + streaming sunshine sounds just smashing.

    glad you had a good weekend!

  2. i really liked this post.

    i had honey-nut cheerios for breakfast Saturday morning, too!

  3. the beehive bazaar looks so cute! how fun.

  4. That sounds like such a great weekend. I'm so jealous.
    And love your lipstick.

  5. did you know that every time i read your blog i am convinced we are meant to be best friends for real for real? haha. cutest picture ever. and i love honey nut cherrios and chex.

    life is really kind of wonderful. i totally agree.

  6. It sure started for me tonight! Ah ha ha

  7. I've said this many times before, but you are so talented. Your words are really, really beautiful to me!


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