original roster

posted on: December 14, 2009

i met these fine people one year ago.
we are practically family.
no, we are practically original roster.
that's what we call ourselves.
it sounds exclusive,
but really anyone can come.

just look at our family/roster photos...

they make eating dinner really fantastic
because of too much cheese,
four dollar chips,
fake home-made pie,
corner Lost pow-wows,
socks from Banana,
never-made marriage predictions.
and inappropriate comments.

But really, fantastic.

7 thought{s}:

  1. love it. thanks for posting. i'm stealing these pictures. :)

  2. your friends sound sooo much like mine!

  3. thank you for fixing the first picture. original roster 4 eva. OR4E. love it. love them. love you

  4. I love friends. Yours seem pretty awesome!

  5. I was afraid you actually went private and almost attacked you through fb. Good thing you were just updating your blog, making it even more darling than usual. Your friends look neat. I'm glad you have them :)

  6. haha "and inappropriate comments." sometimes, although this is terrible to admit, those are my favorite parts about my conversations with my friends :)

    i totally know how this feels. friends becoming family, isn't that the one thing that makes college durable? (or in other words, fantastic, just as you said!)

  7. "...really anyone can come."

    Really? It's called Original Roster for a reason.

    We are way super originally awesome.


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