let it snow

posted on: December 8, 2009

It's been snowing here.
Quite a lot.

I keep trying to love snow, but I don't really.
I know, I'm practically heartless.
I just don't like cold and slushy.
Unless you are a slurpee.

But I'm going to appreciate how nice and fresh it looks.

Ok, it looks pretty.
Very pretty.

10 thought{s}:

  1. if you don't love snow for you, love snow for me!!! i miss the utah snow. so much.
    well, not driving in it.

  2. I love snow!

    ... but I am sure I would not be quite as fond if I lived some where it actually snowed a lot.

  3. I'm jealous! It's cold here but no snow, which is way worse.
    hopefully we'll get a blizzard sometime soon.

  4. i love the cold, but only because it is always so hot here where i live.
    oh snow! i am in love... and it is so beautiful!

  5. I miss Utah :(
    Hawaii is nice and warm, but Utah is well... Utah.
    Enjoy the snow!

  6. this may be the only difference between us...and i mean the one and only difference! haha i LOVE the snow!! and my goodness lady you take beautiful pictures!!

  7. Unless I am mistaken I see our favorite tree there at the end. So pretty.

  8. Oh I love snow... I wish we had some now. I think we are supposed to get some on Saturday and Monday. Hope the forecast is right =)

  9. What beautiful photos. I so wish I could dive into some snow. It's still nasty warm in Florida!

  10. I love the way snow can become like hair for the trees.


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