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posted on: February 3, 2010

I have a bit of good news. But it doesn't seem real quite yet, so you should probably expect an ecstatic/meltdown post around May....

I am going to live in London.

For two months.
This summer.
I'm studying literature and history and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Thanks parents, a lot actually, for helping me do this.
And thanks London, in advance, because I can feel I'll love you.

If any of you have Londontown suggestions...please let me know!

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  1. London is the most amazing city in the entire world! Are you living in the London Centre or with the theatre program?

    You asked for suggestions...
    Tate Britain is out of the way but completely worth it.
    Take a walk down the Southbank on a warm afternoon.
    Go to evensong at Westminster or St. Paul's at least once.
    If you have time on an afternoon pick a neighborhood and just wander (or you can coordinate this with the London Walks Book if you have to take that class) I suggest Little Venice, Hampstead, or Holland Park.
    Invest in theatre, especially the RSC. It's worth it to take a train out to Stratford just for a show.

    You're going to have a wonderful time, congrats!

  2. I have a suggestion.

    do NOT go see the peter pan statue unless I am with you.

  3. AHHH I love London!!! You are so lucky!

    Okay, my favorite place was the British library, but I also really loved St. Paul's cathedral. You have to go to Dover if you can as well. Pret is my favorite place to get lunch and it's a lot cheaper than a lot of places.


  4. sounds fun!
    thanks for following my blog!

    you take such great pictures!
    i'll enjoy reading!


  5. i love london!! that is so exciting! i will have to get a little list together for you. ben used to live there so he know lots of good things.

  6. hey.. thanks for following my blog...

  7. i was thinking about this! over in cambridge.

    ok ok details as to why you are way cooler than me. STAT. thanks :D

  8. ohhhhhhh myyyy goodnesss!!! i'm so excited for you!!! congratulations girlfriend! this definitely would call for a cupcake feast!

    unfortunately, i have no suggestions since i have never traveled east of the united states, HOWEVER, i expect you to take wonderful notes for me so the day i am lucky enough to go, i will know all the right places to see!!

    congratulations again!!

  9. Oh goodness! So lucky. I hope you enjoy your time there... I want to go to Europe so badly. Someday.

  10. How fun! You are going to love it. My husband did a summer there and I got to tag along. We had the best time.

  11. That is so amazing. I lived there for 3 months a couple of years ago, and it was the best thing I ever did. I need to go through my journal and find the goods for you. Go for sure to Harrods and spend hours just looking at the stuff and eating samples. It's amazing! I am so jealous.

  12. I went Fall 2008, so over a year ago, and I could talk about London for hours at the drop of a hat so no problem. I think I'm becoming a little bit of a blog junkie because I always get so excited when I people's blogs. Yours is adorable!

  13. How cool is that?! I have been to London a couple years ago. Loved it a lot.

  14. HOW EXCITING!!! You will LOVE it.

    I only spent two and a half-ish days in London but I fell in love with that city. The people are so friendly, the nightlife is fun, and the parks are so wonderful for people watching.

    Cherish every moment, take LOTS of photos, and don't waste any time sitting around doing nothing in your flat.

    Can't wait to hear more!

  15. oh my goddd, yay for you! that is so exciting!! i went there a few months ago for about a week, and i made full use of every minute of every single day! london is just fabulous, and im thinking of there for my degree :)

    i did a lot of day trips and self exploring there, it was magical.

    youre so lucky and i really cant wait to hear more updates about this news!

  16. I lived in Hatfield (about half an hour by train North of London) for 4 months in 2007 and went to London as often as I could. You'll love it!

    As for suggestions...
    -There's a market in Notting Hill that's amazing
    -Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park
    -go to a show/musical at least once... seeing a Shakespearian play at The Globe is really fun
    -take day trips... Cambridge, Oxford, Cornwall, Brighton, Bath, etc
    -the London Eye is kind of expensive, but a really cool view

    just explore... I love that city!

  17. how exciting for you! be sure to take pictures up the wazoo! enjoy!

    ps: so glad you like 'off switch' - your blog is adorable too! ;)


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