A day late...

posted on: November 27, 2009

but this is my thankful list '09.
Not terribly original or specific,
but its all true.

I'm thankful for mine. I just keep learning that they are the best family for me. My siblings are so incredibly talented and I growing up with them is so much fun. And my mom and dad are so patient and wise. I love that I'm friends with my family; they are such inspiring people. I love the things I've learned in my home, I do.

I've never been one to rely on my friends. But I'm learning, and some of them have let me. And I love them for that. I love all the people I've been able to meet. They don't even know how great they are. I've learned so much from my varied friends. I'm also thankful for friends who aren't nearby, because I've learned to stay close. I'm thankful for letter-friends. Some of these people have changed my mind, my heart, and my life.

It gives me hope. And joy. And that's what life's about.

I hate it somedays. I hate it so much on some days. But I'm thankful that my brain can think the things it does. I'm thankful for professors who love what they do and inspire me. I'm glad I can read. I'm glad I can write. I'm thankful for all the things that I'll be able to do with the things I learn at school.

I reference it frequently, and remembering is a blessing.

I've never considered myself a nature kind of girl. But lately, I never feel peace like I do when I'm with trees and dirt and water.
I like red leaves too.

{new things}
I'm getting a little better at trying new things. I really like new restaurants. My budget does not however.

I could never give this sense up. I love beautiful things like photos, art, fashion, painted walls, white plates, fingernail polish, stacked books, fruit, maps, cursive, and so on and on. The simple, beautiful things make me so very happy. Also, I've become a crier, so I need my eyes.

I'm getting some. Which feels nice.
I love unique, creative people though. They are out-of-this-world wonderful.

So I guess I need my ears too.

{my future}
I feel like its bright. And close, but I can't really see it yet. I'm so excited.

{this season}
Can't you just feel the holidays?

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.
I hope your day was wonderful.

2 thought{s}:

  1. What a beautiful list.
    I think you are a beautiful individual Brittany. And I am grateful for my future too :) Yours will be bright, because of your faith. I promise.

  2. I agree with Mandy, this list is just beautiful! I can totally "feel" the holidays. I felt it last Tuesday as I drove to campus and saw nearly all parking spots available since I knew students were all heading home for Thanksgiving. I love this time of year!


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