and now it is monday.

posted on: October 19, 2009

This weekend...
I welcomed the sun back.
Loved my first pumpkin smoothie.
Got very, very excited for Halloween.
Ate fantastic pizza with fantastic family.
Initiated & attended the first craft club meeting.
Had a late-night tea party complete with peppermint tea.
{My friend Aly and I would like to be tea drinkers. Suggestions?
We like the herbal, non-caffeinated sort.}

Also there was wonderful conversation.
The kind of conversation that makes me love life a little more,
even life on Mondays and Tuesdays.

9 thought{s}:

  1. peppermint tea's my favorite! sounds like a beauutiful weekend!


  2. haha I need reasons for me to love life on that first day of the week! ugh

  3. sounds like a beautiful weekend!
    A craft club meeting....lucky!!!!

  4. "We like the herbal, non-caffeinated sort."
    i love berry teas. raspberry and blackberry especially. but it just depends on your mood. peppermint is good to help you relax and go to sleep.
    and don't sweeten with sugar. sweeten with honey.

  5. blueberry and peppermint tea are my favorites. i've even got the husband hooked!


  6. oh goodness. don't get me started on tea...but i love blackcurrant, and the tropical kinds, and i had a coconut one that was amazing, and carmel one that was amazing, and a macaroon one that was amazing...try the creative ones! stay away from chamomile and licorice...pomegranate, raspberry, just most fruit teas, and then also spice ones. mmm....please drink tea. and don't think you have to be hardcore and not add sugar (or honey.)

  7. i didn't mean stay away from pmegrante, raspberry, etc. in case you were confused. those are lovely. no chamomile or licorice. ginger isn't the best either.

    i'll just dominate your comment space as well.

  8. I love conversations like that. And think tea is alright, but nothing compared to hot cocoa. :)

  9. i cant believe i missed the first craft club meeting. next time all member attend mmkk? you're so sophisticated with your tea.


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