warm sheets and thoughts that think

posted on: September 27, 2009

I fell asleep alone last night. I feel asleep at 1:54 AM, alone. I know because I stared at my phone watching the numbers for a very long time. I said I was going to sleep at 11:00 PM, but my mind kept waking my body up. My poor eyes were begging my thoughts to let me sleep, but my thoughts are always persistent ones. They do not fade or fizzle or say they will just call next week. My thoughts had some things they wanted me to know, I think.

I thought about the time friends knocked harder and gave me ice cream because they knew I needed them.
I thought about the time 2 weeks ago when my little family gathered in a circle.
I thought about the great things that have started in that circle.
I thought about the scrawled and battered letters that I love so much.
I thought about my roommate, who wakes up to talk to me.
I thought about the simplicity of my beliefs.
I thought about the things I want {for myself, for my future} so terribly.

My lonely body curled. And my heart exuded one single thump.

I learned that lonely is a grave word. And that I'm not. Lonely, that is. I thought of the lonely people and my thumping organ swelled for them. Because it is lovely to be loved. It is so so lovely. And I just want them all to know I thought of them too. Last night, alone, I thought of them.

My thoughts had some things they wanted me to know.
Oh, joy.

11 thought{s}:

  1. I really liked this post.
    Cute header...
    and your blog is absolutely amazing!

  2. you are loved and that's a blessing:)

  3. My thoughts did the same to me last night. Just didn't want to let me sleep. Kept thinking and thinking and thinking.

    By the way, I love your blog.

  4. I'm so very sorry I left you alone, but I appreciate this post. I'm also very glad you are my roommate, I'm positive everyone is jealous of me. Please keep blogging because I love it.

  5. i know how that goes when my thoughts keep me awake. remember the little important things and the rest will fall into place. love life, college and friends... but most importantly, family.

  6. warm sheets and thoughts that think....

    how lovely. i adore your posts.

  7. This is beautiufl. You are lovely.

  8. That is so beautiful Brittany... It is lovely to be loved, isn't it?

  9. I love your writing.

    I often can't fall asleep in my bed... it's the best place to think. This post has such a cozy feel. I like that.

  10. I just found your blog and you have a gorgeous way with words.

  11. You are remarkably talented!


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