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posted on: August 26, 2009

Confession: I love school.
If they'd pay me, I'd just attend classes my whole life.
There is just something about new notebooks and inky pens in the fall, isn't there?
This semester, I'm especially excited for my Art History class because I really loved learning about Pollock and his methods in Humanities.
Of course, several of my classmates totally missed the point and claimed that they themselves could paint in a similar style.

Well, now they can give it a whirl.
And so can you.
Go here to create your own masterpiece.
I'll be honest; it's pretty entertaining.

Happy school time!

5 thought{s}:

  1. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Thank you for getting me excited for fall semester :)
    ps. loved the website. great for when i'm at work :)

  2. I could go to school forever too. Actually, that's not good because I've already graduated. Still. I love school.

    I think perhaps I'm taking a ceramics class this fall. I am so dang excited.

    I think Jackson Pollock is kind of cool.

  3. I actually can't wait for school. I think we all love that "start fresh" concept of fall. And the season brings some of the most gorgeous sights ever imaginable.

    First visit to your blog!

  4. oh gosh, me too. about liking school. at least the very beginning. it sucks that notebooks always seem better with beautiful blank pages instead of when i fill them up with my not beautiful handwriting. good luck this semester!

  5. love your blog :]
    and i am soooo excited for my art history class this year too! i love pollocks style, and that website is great!


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