posted on: July 16, 2009

I love books. No surprise there.

But I secretly love children's books.

And this darling piglet is is at the tippy-top of my list. You must meet her.

This is Olivia.

Please read all of her adventures by the brilliant Ian Falconer. If you have any funny bone at all, she will make you laugh.

I adore that Olivia's black and white little body is so full of spunk. She sings much too loudly and wears her family out with her witty commentary. She dresses impeccably in every season (mostly in red) and builds architectural wonders out of sand. She paints Pollock-esque masterpieces on her own walls, dances with Degas' ballerinas, accessorizes with red lipstick, and sometimes even ends up in time-out.

But my favorite Olivia-ism?

Her killer bedtime-story bargaining skills.

8 thought{s}:

  1. I have only read once about Olivia. But now I think I will go to the library and find more.

    How cute that you are blogging about a children's book character? I love it.

  2. I LOVE Olivia too!!!! Guess it might've had something to do with our shared name... but still, the stories are amazing and she is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  3. Looks like this could be a great read even for adults haha!

  4. thanks for the comments! you're blog is really sweet too :)

  5. Oh!!! FINALLY someone (adult-aged) loves Olivia too!! :) I love, love, love that piglet. She has such wonderful spunk. And the pictures in the book are simply gorgeous.

    Have discovered your blog and will most def be following! Please be sure and stop by my blog and comment/follow. :)


  6. CUTE! i must go read this now. MUST.


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