mountainside 4th

posted on: July 5, 2009

I just spent the most splendid week (culminating with my favorite red, white, and blue holiday) in Telluride CO, home to the fluffiest clouds, tastiest coconut cupcakes, greenest mountains, sweatiest hikes, the most charming boutiques, and the biggest fireworks I have ever seen. Seriously, sparkles filled the entire sky. And seriously, my 4th was just perfect. Gosh, I felt so lucky to be an American this weekend.

Also, we (a.k.a. my own awesome family, incredibly fun aunts and uncles, and sweetest little cousins) took beautiful day trips to Mountain Village, Ouray, and Mesa Verde.

I was a little bit in heaven.
I hope you all had a most fabulous 4th of July.
How did you celebrate?

8 thought{s}:

  1. o girl i hope you had fun! missed you!

  2. this looks absolutely beautiful!! I have never been out to Colorado (or anywhere out west besides California) and I cannot wait to, it looks amazing! Pretty cupcakes too.

  3. Telluride is gorgeous and so, btw are your bangs! Brittany you are such a babe!

    We went to Boston for the fourth - it was pretty fun, but I miss Utah!

  4. cute! this looks like so much fun! i think i want to go on a roadtrip to colorado now L)
    ps. we must be long lost best friends. anyone who has mk&a movie marathons is like a long lost sister!

  5. Your photos are amazing - wow!

  6. yay! i love fun blogs! im glad you found mine because now i can enjoy yours..

  7. thanks for visiting my blog! so glad to find yours :) your pictures are so glad you had a great weekend!

  8. Happy belated fourth! These are gorgeous photos.


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