i like fruit on hot summer days, yes i do.

posted on: July 20, 2009

I bought one pound of these lovelies all for myself.
Partly because I love cherries and partly because they were beautiful.
Just look at those colors. Just look at how pretty my cherries are.
{were, rather. ahem.}
I also ate half a watermelon for lunch on Friday.
And then maybe I ate an entire avocado on Saturday.
And Sunday.
I had a very tasty weekend.


How was yours?

7 thought{s}:

  1. Nom nom nom! Those cherries look scrumptious! This weekend I spent over at a friend's, and also ate watermelon and pineapple. mmm.

    Please be sure and pop by my blog and comment! I'm having a bit of a go at a photo caption contest-- enter!


  2. That's great. It's hard sometimes to buy fresh produce when you're shopping for yourself... You are inspiring.

  3. I am so jealous! I used to live on cherries in the summer. Unfortunately, I find them very difficult to find them here in Hong Kong. Very sad.

  4. Nothing better than fresh fruit in the summer! Yum!!!

  5. did you take that beautiful pictures! you are fantastic. although i'm disappointed rather that corn on the cob is not mentioned lol

  6. yummm. i'm positive i could live on fruit and be totally fine. it's SO delicious.

  7. I once ate half a quart of cherries in one sitting. I thought I was going to die afterward, but they tasted too good to stop.


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