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posted on: June 1, 2009

Sometimes I listen to the news when I drive to work in the early morning. I like to know about the weather and new DVD releases. But I feel a little exhausted when I hear of another political debate. Another company bankrupt. Another family broken. Exhausted may be an understatement actually. I worry about the world. I do. I worry that there is too much to worry about. I worry that we worry too often. I worry that in my efforts to be intelligent, informed, critical, and strong, I forget. I forget about waltzes, kites with tails, and goldfish. And old movies, inky pens, sweet potato fries, fresh novels, and maybe-possibly Caribbean cruises.

I’ve been called a cynic recently (and not so recently). A “voice of reason,” if you will. I like that. I like that I think and see and perceive clearly, almost to a fault. But sometimes, mostly here in this realm I’m finding, it is nice to dwell on the unrealistic, the fantasy, the romantic, and even the cheesy and sticky sweet.

There is an indescribable amount of genuine good and perfect loveliness in this world of ours. So many simple, charming, and meaningless things have meant so much to me. Giggles on the phone and postcards in my mailbox have been the most wonderful nothings. And although I am perfectly aware that polaroids and kisses on the cheek won’t end conflict and feed millions, I’m convinced that remembering our glorious nothings can end misery and starve shadows. Because even when there are bigger things to believe in and larger issues at hand, the little things (that sometimes aren’t so little) bring joy too. Even to a cynic.

I’m a terrible contradiction, I worry. A contradiction of speech and type, serious and silly, there and here, brave and fragile, restless and content, mind and heart.

A terrible contradiction, I worry.

{ps, eat fries here and here}

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  1. I think this is an absolutely darling post, and so true too. I feel the same way at times, although, I'm afraid my deep rooted political beliefs sometime shadow the "little things" that should remind me not to worry. Anyway, I love it :)

  2. ahhhh. Brittany Austin you are the best writer ever. Rockstar Diaries has nothing on your blog, and I mean that. slash we are going to Guru's FIRST THING when I get back. Also...carribean cruise? What? This was amazing and you definitely are a contradiction but it's the only reason I'm friends with you.

  3. Don't worry.
    I would much rather read about sweet potato fries and waltzing anyday.
    Maybe we can be anti-cynic's.

  4. I like this post so much, you have some serious talent!

  5. keep on being a wonderful contradiction. i think it's the best way to live! and i completely agree that stopping to appreciate the little things in life can make the big, bad, awful things just a little bit better.

    thank you so much for your support the other day on my blog. it really meant a lot to me. :)


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