I'm trying to pretend....

posted on: June 24, 2009

that I am here instead of at my beige-ly boring work desk.
It is almost, a little bit working.
Isn't it just perfect?

Also, I've been trying to sneak
into any and every conversation possible.

It is the word of the week.
And a terrific word in general.
I'm all about reading the dictionary.

{photo via colour lovers}

5 thought{s}:

  1. I thought I was the only one who day-dreamed at work!! Haha, and surreptitious is right up there with nonchalant. Some words just must be used daily.

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  3. i definitely have a crush on the word "surreptitious." ps my new goal in life is to color-code my library when i have enough books to have a library..so just don't even worry about it.

  4. oh no! now i'm making a mess on your comment thingy! this is embarrassing, and there's no remedy so i will just keep digging. i wanted to add to my post so i deleted it the first time around, aka the deleted thing, so now this is just embarrassing...

  5. I love this picture--so much that I organized my books by color too. It's a great conversation starter when people come over: "Why does your bookshelf look so pretty right now?"



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