color me summer

posted on: June 16, 2009

I know it is summer today because:

1. The air smells like sizzling burgers and saline sprinkler water all wonderfully mixed together.
2. My hair likes to be braided and my bangs will not be bangs anymore.
3. More people are holding hands, even while riding their bikes down State Street.
4. Every sight/sound/smell begs to be a chapter in a novel.
5. I am once again a Nertz champion.

I am utterly enchanted by summer, especially this year. These dim clouds and impending storms make for a perfectly unique June. I remember in my younger Junes, when mom would let me and Nate watercolor on the big blue easel. We'd use far too much water and the softened colors would drip down the course art paper. The green would pool in the chalk tray. Always the green. It is the same again, of course. The greens are dripping and pooling and seem so entirely dense. Deep enough to swim in. Deep enough to drown in. I don't mind that the itchy blades find their way down my shirt and into my hair. I would wear them as precious gems forever if I could. I would breathe the rawness that smothers my mountainsides. Forever. If I could. But have you ever noticed how summer's transitions are never quite as fluid as the others? Spring can't become summer unnoticed. And summer's surrender to fall always seems so jarring. Almost as if summer stands alone, its own complete cycle, independent from the other trivial seasons. But its violent beginnings and ends never spoil the delights only these flushed months can bring. Summer must be a place and time where normal things don't and shouldn't happen. I think clearly. I speak hoarsely. I try less. I buy more. I drive poorly. I love too well. Every summer is so incredibly daring and fresh. Yet, each the same. Every moment seems a memory seconds after its conception. Nostalgia, enough to make me crazy. And plenty of spontaneity.

I love summer, I do.

{photo via paper tissue}

4 thought{s}:

  1. i will love summer with you. and i have to agree, something about this summer (especially last week with all the thunderstorms in utah) makes everything around here so magical!
    ps. you write in such a profound way every time. i love it!

  2. Brittany, never have i ever heard anybody put summer feelings more eloquently. I'm copying this post into my journal.

  3. I love grass too - and think it is beautiful to think of them being gems that stayed on me forever. I buy more in the summer too - and agree about the green watercolors.
    How lovely.

    (p.s. I bet I could beat you at nertz)

  4. i heart smells like it today.


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