posted on: April 21, 2009

I liked Good Friday ‘09 because I found that my annual pastel package had been delivered by the Easter Bunny herself. Plus, this year the beloved EB got classy and included a bag of See’s chocolates. I love those. Except I normally also like the picture guide so I know what I’m eating. But maybe I’ve had enough experience with free samples, stocking stuffers, and birthday bags to know that the 2 rounded triangles striped white were the lemon chiffon-filled darks. The milky square was a luscious caramel. And the lonely white chocolate enclosed candy must be the key lime. However on this particular occasion, two delights puzzled me. The lovely round milk with dark sprinkles and an unassuming, dark oval. I counted on deliciousness regardless, because Mother knows my favorites even though I don’t remember establishing them even in my own mind. I peered in that perfectly crinkled paper sack. There were six. One obviously for immediate consumption upon opening my Easter surprise two days early. The next 4 for each final that loomed ahead. After taking each exam, I would promptly come home, instead of marching to the library, to eat my reward. That brought the total to 5. You were counting, I know. The last was just for me to be spontaneous. Anytime. At some point while testing, moving, and pondering, I would need that discretionary chocolate. And I could have it. Choosing well was vital though, because there was only one. Just one. Naturally, I chose the time when mucas was inhibiting my breathing ability and Matthew, Mark, and Luke were starting to blend with Picasso, Pollock, and Brooke. The time when I sorely missed my summer companion, the humidifier. The time when sleep was more appetizing than even my chocolates. I called Mother for cold advice and she told me lots of water, take my vitamins, and no sugar. So I drank lots of water and grapefruit juice, overdosed on vitamins, and just because I wasn’t feeling well, I ate a chocolate. The unknown. The unassuming dark oval, if you were wondering.

Coconut. Yes.

My favorite. My for real favorite. I think I normally claim it’s the dark lemon chiffon. Because lemon sounds cute. But really, it’s the coconut.

And I thought about how lucky I was. Because even when I want to pull the sheets over my head, and even when I already have, I get a chocolate. Sometimes it has white stripes, sometimes dark sprinkles, but mostly it is just plain and simple. And maybe I don’t really know what I’m looking at, or biting into. And I don’t steal it from the crinkled white bag very first or even save it for last, because I don’t know I’m actually looking forward to it. But then I discover it’s my very most favorite. And a lot of the times, I recognize the taste because this was my favorite at Christmas too, but I just forgot to remember my favorite, simple treats. But they always seem to be the richest and most adored treats. The kind that make me tremble with laughter or quake with tears. The kind that will never get too stale or fuzzy, no matter how long they sit in that white, crinkly bag. They will always taste perfectly sweet, because I love them. So yes, I feel very lucky. Because I think my Coconuts have been especially delicious. Especially sweet. But maybe it’s not even luck after all.

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  1. Hmm...interesting. I always thought the Easter Bunny was a male. (ha, male, get it? he delivers things...never mind)


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