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posted on: March 1, 2009

I am a Daughter because I love my parents’ approval, even when I don’t need it. I am a Sister because I’ve screamed your name in 200+ basketball games and I secretly smile when you sing obnoxiously in the car. I am a Student because I read Emerson again after class. I am an English Major because words actually do mean a lot. I am a Roommate because even when I think I’d rather live alone, I walk with you to get the mail and even put your iPod on the wrong desk. I am a Friend because I will always laugh with you and never forget your birthday. I am a Best Friend because I’ll cry at your wedding, partly because you are ecstatic and partly because it will never be the same. I am an Employee because I get paid to do my homework, talk about awkward dates, and eat ridiculous amounts of stale, Valentine’s Kissables. I am a Worker because I still believe in the American Dream. I am a Shopaholic because I don’t need company or money for a successful excursion. I am a Musician because I play my radio quite well. I am a Singer because I am one of those people you laugh at while stopped at a red light, the ones who belt and bop like Beyonce, completely oblivious to the rest of the driving world. I am a Dancer because I still miss it. I am a Talker because I want you to understand. I am a Listener because I try not to be a talker. I am a Child because I am horribly selfish and sometimes insecure. I am an Adult because I worry about Mom. I am a Mormon because nothing makes me happier and surer. I am a Lover because I’m human. I am a Romantic because love should happen in the summer, barefoot and slowly. I am a Brittany because Dad liked the name…with two Ts and an A-N-Y. I am Me because I try to be.

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  1. Also - you are Brittany because you are the BEST!

    Oh goodness I love you. You have a gift, my friend!

  2. O

  3. i dont know how i stumbled onto here, but this is SO CUTE. I LOVE IT.

  4. Wow. This post is incredible!


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