No Words

posted on: June 14, 2008

Being the owner and operator of this blog, one would expect that I would revel in communicating my thoughts, sharing my emotion, telling you every detail of my ordinary life. But that's the beauty of a blogger's online facade. I only have to share what I want to share....what I want you to know. And sometimes that's not a lot. The things I write about are undoubtedly a part of me and an expression of my my mind and heart, but only a microscopic percent. Said again, these short musings paint an accurate picture of who I am, however, there is more. Things that I am not only wary of communicating, but also unable to. My core, the very center of me that includes the most intense emotions, most tender moments, and firmest beliefs remains a solid pillar that is very present but impenetrable. Only I perfectly know what stands there, unshared. At times I wish you knew, I wish I could relate. Not having adequate tools to communicate the essential me tortures a self-proclaimed writer. But try as I do, there are sometimes no words great enough. So that is why this link exists. I keep trying, not necessarily to tell you all I know and am, but to prove to myself that I can.

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