The Things I Carry

posted on: March 27, 2008

I carry my neutral, but embellished wallet where ever I go. You might say my entire life rests within the folds of that brown cloth. My ID, driver's license, cash, coins, debit card, Cafe Rio card, All Sports pass, iTunes and Banana Republic gift life, many of the things I love. In a wallet. I try to kid myself, thinking that real life can be this simple too. All components wrapped nicely in a slightly weathered exterior. All experience, knowledge, and facets of me should slide nicely into slots and pockets, held there until life demands I pull them out. But I know otherwise. There is no pocket for hurt or betrayed trust. I'd rather not place disappointment in the clear, plastic slot for all to see. Where does my family go? And friends? No magnetic clasp can hold the love I feel for them. Passion cannot fit alongside the 1 dollar bills. I carry my wallet, my physical self. But I carry so much more, the invisible and unorganized.

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