posted on: March 26, 2008

Hi. My name is Brittany, and this is my blog.

I am a traveler, a dedicated bruncher, and a collector of red.
I live in the mountains. I plan for the city. 
I write for a living and for life.

I started this blog seven years ago, as a college freshman. I was studying books and words, meeting dozens of new people a day, attending pilates twice a week, and eating my weight in Frosted Flakes. I wrote about silly things, like Disneyland and John Mayer lyrics (I'm not encouraging you to search the archives here), but this blog grew up into a place for things with no other place to go. Photographs of the places I've been and loved. Essays, both good and bad. Thoughts on my past life as a ballerina from the back row of PoliSci 110. Culinary school swoons. You know, the hopes, ideas, and plans that populate a twenty-something girl's mind. 

This blog has been here when I needed it, and I needed it sometimes. (I like to think it needed me back.)

So when desire plucks hard enough, I'm here. Tapping away at my keyboard. Searching. Thanks for coming to see what I've found. 

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She's a piratey soul, full a' vinegar and glitter.

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